Individual Walking Tour in Amsterdam

If this is your first time in the capital of the Netherlands, or if you are planning a short stop in this beautiful city, but hope to see as much as possible, choose a tour with a private guide. Consider an individual walking tour of Amsterdam. The perfect excursion gives the entire experience just in 3 hours. Such a walking tour is ideal for tourists visiting Amsterdam firstly. If you have already been to the city, I still offer you the best walking tour of Amsterdam, find something to show you this place from the other side. As an experienced guide in Amsterdam, I not only show tourists the historical center but also give useful tips. It is important to note that the walking tours organized by me are not too tiring, because most of the historical places through which the excursions pass are located within walking distance from the central part of the city. I tell you the unusual interesting facts from history and modern life and show Amsterdam highlights: — Royal Palace — Amsterdam Centraal (Amsterdam Central Station) — Dam Square — The Begijnhof Chapel — Zeedijk street ("Sea dike") — Restaurant De Waaghals — Office of the Dutch East India Company — The smallest house — Jordaan district — Canals We walk along the old streets among the houses of the 17th century. You find out what can be hidden in a seemingly ordinary house attic on the canal. In the Red-Light District, you get to know where its name came from. I explain how coffeeshops appeared and what they are selling instead of coffee. We see the unique floating flower market, where I talk about the tulip fever that ruined the country's economy. You see the smallest house in Amsterdam and the oldest miraculously surviving building. Amazing discoveries are waiting for you in our alternative walking tour. We l pass through the inconspicuous door and find ourselves in a fantastic place where any men were forbidden to enter. In addition, we go into the courtyard of the office of the richest trading company in history and find out why it went a bankrupt. We talk about unforgettable Amsterdam architecture. You learn the history of the Jordaan district, which over several centuries has turned from a terrible, dirty, and smelly place into the most prestigious part of Amsterdam. We visit the Protestant and Catholic churches, and the Buddhist temple. During the canal walking tour, you will see the famous houses on the water (houseboats). We definitely take pictures in the most picturesque area of Amsterdam, where we will taste the local cheese, the most delicious herring, and, if you desire, we go to the atmospheric bar of the 17th century, where nothing has changed over the past 400 years. This way you will learn about all the Hidden gems of this city: — 2 wooden 16th century houses; — the biggest underwater bicycle parking; — learn the secrets of the Victoria Hotel’s inner courtyards; — visit the bar “by the monkey” and get to know why it’s got this name, and which phrase came in the Dutch language, thanks to that place; — reveal the mystery of the 17th century hidden secret church; — get to know about the old pharmacy of the 18th century — learn everything behind jenever (a local strong alcohol drink) and its connection with England — can see Amsterdam of the 1980x Also, during this tour, I reveal to you the secret of the narrow construction of houses, tell you what kind of mysterious circles are on top of each house, and explain why houses have different slopes — forward or sideways. To sum up, what to see in Amsterdam in 3 h? In general, during the tour, we visit the old city center, and canals that were built in the 17th century, and end the walking individual tour of Amsterdam in the Jordaan district. I guarantee an individual approach to the needs of tourists. The program contains an approximate list of places to visit. In any case, the Amsterdam walking tour in English with me as a private guide adapts to the needs of the client, that is, the route can be changed in the process according to your wishes. I answer all questions in detail. You receive recommendations about where you can eat well, buy delicious chocolate cookies. Cheese tasting is included in the price. In addition, we select a convenient meeting point: at the airport or at your hotel. I am sure you will fall in love with Amsterdam after this tour. Would you like to ask something else about the individual walking tour in Amsterdam? Contact me!